Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Morning Routine - Explanation

  • Turning kettle on
  • Going for a shower (Getting changed)
  • Setting up breakfast ( Launch )

                             My Morning Routine
My morning routine is a very easy process. But it also helps me to stay organized. How you might ask well there is important things I need to remember before I go to school. Many of these important things gets me ready for a successful day. Is your morning routine important to you?

One important job that I have in the family is to turn on the kettle for everyone to use. I also have to make sure I fill the water inside just the right amount for everyone to use. I have this job because I am old enough to use a kettle and I am the first one awake. This is my main job because no one else does it and my family counts on me to do it every morning through Monday till Friday.

Just like turning on the kettle I am the first one to go shower. I go for a shower because it is the one hygienic key to staying healthy and fresh. I have a shower every morning even on the weekends. After having a shower I get changed into my uniform that I washed and dried out the day before. As I have finished changing I also have to remember to put my sports leader badge on.

Then I get into the kitchen to check just in case I have the things I need for breakfast. Here are the things I need for breakfast:

  • Milk
  • Cereal
  • Milo
  • Sugar
  • Bowl
  • Cup

When I have got all of these things I can set up my breakfast. As soon as I have had breakfast I can get my lunch organised. First I get my lanch box out of my bag and I get the ingredients I need to make my sandwich. If I have finished making my sandwich and packed some chippy packets I put a water bottle in my backpack.

Here is why my morning routine is easy. Since I am a year eight I have to be organized by myself. This process is very important to me. This makes me have a amazing day prepared. This is why my morning routine is simple but also important.

My first writing task was to write a explanation about my morning routine. By doing this task I can remember what a structure of a explanation is.  

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