Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Today I went on a game called Basic Addition 1 this game helps me to remember my basic facts and learn my facts off by hared.So when I get tested I could just answer straight away.

Table Conga

Today I played a game called Table Conga this game helps me to skip count.

Blog commenting

Today in LS1 I Blog commented on students blog this helps me to tell students what I am feeling about there blog post and there work.

Accuracy Throwing LS1

Today I did my maths.For my maths I Measured students on how far they could throw a bean bag into a bucket this was easy because I had to make a graph on every student in my class and this is the year groups When I saw this graph I knew that the girls were the most accurate then the boys.

F-35 Lightning II-Information Report

Today I did my Writing for my writing I had to plan then write a information report about a jet plane that I picked.My jet was a Lock head martin F-35 Lightning II.Writing my Information report was easy because I could always look back at my plan and keep writing.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Free rice

Today I went on a website called Free rice this website helps me on my maths and English.I love this website because when you get the right answer yo donate 10 grans of rice to the poor people that are starving.This has been the most rice I have earned.


Accuracy of Throwing in LS1

Today in LS1 I did my maths.For my maths I had to see who was the most accurate student in throwing.So in maths group we had to measure each student in the class room.Then we would record the students score on a form that my teacher made.My teacher put the scores on a sheet and I had to make a graph.This is my graph that I made.The most accurate thrower is the students that have zero for their score.

Free Rice

Today I went on Free rice I love Free rice because I get to learn more and more and I also get to do help the poor people from other countries by donating rice.

Sculpture - F-35 Lightning II

Today at home I did my homework which was to draw or make my plane out of objects.I decided to draw my plan because I love drawing pictures.

F-35 Lightning II planning

Today in LS1 I am learning about a jet plane.I had to write a information report plan.This was easy because I had another plan t help me plan my information report plan.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Planing Summary/F-35 Lighting II

 Today in LS1 I did my inquiry for my inquiry I had to pick a Flying object and I had to plan on a summary frame because I will write a Information Report about a F-35 Lighting II.

Accuracy LS1 Throwing/Measuring

Today in LS1 I did my maths for my maths I had to measure my class on how Accurate their throwing was.This was my result's and my partners.This was easy because I had partners to help me. 

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Free rice

Today I went on a website called Free rice.Free rice helps you under stand words and maths.I love this website because you also get to donate Rice to the other countries that need food.

Jean Batten/Speech

Today In LS1 I wrote A speech about a aviator which was Jean batten.This was for my Inquiry for my Inquiry I had to ether write a Speech,Rap or make a common craft video.

Jean Batten

Jean Gardner Batten was one of the great international aviators in the 1930s. She was born on September 15th 1909 in Rotorua, New Zealand. Then died November 22 1982. Batten made a number of record breaking solo flights across the world.

Early Life[
In 1913 the Batten family moved to Auckland. Jean was enrolled to a girl’s boarding school in Remuera. There, she studied piano and ballet. Although she was a talented pianist she became more interested in becoming a pilot.

Early Flying
She moved to England with her mother in 1929 to join the London Aeroplane Club. After taking her first solo flight in 1930 she earned a private pilot’s license in 1932.
Record Breaking Flights
Jean Batten made her first major flight from England to Australia in 1934 and even managed to beat Amy Johnson’s record. She flew back in 1935 and became the first woman to make a return flight. That same year, she flew from England to Brazil and became the first woman to fly from England to South America. Batten flew another successful flight from England to New Zealand in 1936. In 1937 Jean Batten flew another flight from Australia to England and managed to beat her previous flight.

She wrote two books Alone in the Sky, and My Life talking about her previous flights and all the dangers she faced. Batten was a talented pianist, intelligent student and a very successful pilot. She will be one of the greatest aviators in history who will never be forgotten.