Friday, 29 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey - Week 1 Day 3 Activity 1

victorian family.jpg

For this activity I used my imagination I imaged that I was in the 1800's and that I had nine brothers and sisters. I will now tell you how I would I feel about having a lot of siblings. 

I think having alot of siblings would really be helpful because when I need help I could turn to nine others to help me. I would be m dream to have a lot of siblings especially when my parents past I could live with on of my siblings.

Summer Learning Journey Week 1 Day 2 Bones Activity

Image result for Raw fish meal
This activity was a bit hard because I was trying to find out what is my favorite meal. I chose Raw Fish because my whole family loves it and I do as well. It is also a Tongan original dish.

Summer Learning Journey / Week 1 - Day 2 - Activity 2

This activity was different because I first learnt about how the women and men in the past few years. After learning about this interesting topic I drew what my future job is going to be in the future. My future job is to travel by being a flight attendant I want to be a flight attendant because I want to be able to seek and travel  to other amazing country's but I also want to learn how to speak other languages so I can communicate with different people around the world.

Monday, 25 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey-Week 1 / Day 2 / Activity 1

This activity was fun because I learnt about the traditional house of the Maori culture called "Whare puni". I compared this house to my house.

Same things-It is really not big and I have a lot of people staying inside.
Difference-We don’t have history at the back of my house. But also we don’t have the sculptures and the brown colour outside.

Summer Learning Journey - Week 1 / Day 1 / Bonus Activity

Youtube Video

For this task I first watched this YouTube video about Waka Ama. Then I picked if I wanted to be in a Waka Ama team or not. After this I wrote why I don't or want to be in a Waka Ama team.

I would love to be in a Waka Ama team because it would really help my fitness a lot. But also help me to collaborate with others and make new friends.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey - Week 1 / Day 1 / Activity 2

This Activity was really fun. Because for this activity I imagined my self on board on a waka ama. Then I wrote a letter to my friend about how I feel about moving to another country.

Hello Angel I am going to another country. This is exciting but I am also anxious because it is my first time. I know that I will have fun but I do have to be careful. I will try to not think about all the bad things that could happen to me. I do have mixed a emotions. 

Summer Learning Journey - Day 1 / Week 1 / Activity 1

Te Ika-a-Māui

For this activity I have just landed in New Zealand. I went on this link and it will take me to a website I could read all about the story Maui and the giant fish. After reading this I found 3 interesting facts about this story.

1 - Maui would always get angry when the brothers won't let him go fishing with them.

2 - Maui's ancestor Murirangawhenua gave Maui a jawbone.

3 - Beacause the brothers were so greedy this story has been a part of Aotearoa.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Traditional Christmas Food

Christmas is coming up so we are learning about different cultures and foods. But we are also learning by using maths which I think is amazing. For this task we first had to pick one country. Since I did the Philippe's I thought I would do the Philippe's. Then I picked a famous type of food that is traditional to my family and to the Philippe's. I compared them both at the end.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Next Foundation - Summer Learning Journey

Today we had a lot of important visitors to our assemble  to launch the summer learning journey with the Next Foundation. As we had our assembly we were filmed. When we had our assembly Rachel from the summer learning journey was talking to us. She was really proud of our school and how almost everyone of us joined the learning journey program. The Next Foundation is supporting the summer learning journey to keep this program going. Then Bill Komode from The Next Foundation also came to talk to us about the learning Journey Program. But he was also talking about how he is amazed about how our school has a talent for participating in the summer learning journey. In the middle of the assemble he showed us the film that they made about our school. The film was about the summer learning journey. It was really outstanding how the film turned out to be. It was fun having the camera crew here in our class. Some of us were featured in the film which was exciting. After the assemble we got to have free launch from Eat My launch it was so delicious. 

Collaborative-Philippine Challenge

The Collaborative challenge was fun. In my group was Javeylor, Fatongia and Carl. Our first activity was to pick a country to make a DLO about how they celebrate Christmas. We chose the Philippines because Carl was also Philippine and we didn't really know about how the Filipinos celebrate Christmas. Then we made a screencastify to tell whats happening and to show and tell our thinking. After making this presentation we learnt a lot. Our next task was to create a Kahoot about different country's. We used our smart searching skills to get this task done and we also worked as a team well. This made it easier to finish off our task. This was for Inquiry beacuse we were also learning about Christmas.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Speeches-Head Girl 2018

Hello my name is Savelina I am striving to be head girl for 2018. To become head girl I need your vote.  I chose to be head girl because I try my best. But that’s not all, I encourage,motivate and respect younger students and seniors as well. To help me I’m always confident to talk to anyone. Every day I always put great effort to become a great example to our little students. Plus I’m trying to inspire young students to become a great leader in the future. 2018 is going to be a new and improved year with great leaders and I know that for a fact. If I become head girl I guarantee that you will never regret it. Yes I understand that things will never be one hundred percent but I promise you I will do my best. When I thought about being a leader I doubted myself . Yet as the time went past I learnt that no one is perfect even me and here I am. I will always try, try and try to learn more and more. The qualities I have for a head girl is a lot but one quality I have is that I’m really responsible. I will always make Panmure Bridge School a wonderful school by showing the pleasure of being here. I know that there are others that are going for head girl but I know that I will try harder to make this school a better, happier place. Whether or not I’ll become head girl at the end of the day I know I have tried my best. This is why you should vote me, Savelina, as head girl for 2018. Thank you.

I have put myself forward to be head girl for 2018. It was challenging but I wanted to achieve one of my biggest goals and being a head girl was one of them. I wrote my own speech and I nominated myself so I put all of my thinking into my speech. I hope that I will get this role because I know I would try to make this school a better place .

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Google Scratch

On google there is a scratch game. This really amazing how google now has a game of scratch for there theme. It helped me to remember the games that I made on scratch.

Team Work in Panmure Bridge School

Us Year 7 is now writing our speech to pick our student leaders. To help us to learn about being a leader next year we created a poster that reminds us for next year what team work looks like.

Clean Up Crew - Maths

For Maths it was different because my class learning about Geometry. It was fun because we also got to learn how to draw a bulldog using the scales but also using numbers to help. One of our rules was to always count across then up the latter.  

Monday, 4 December 2017

Reflection Tech

Tech this year was really amazing it is really fun beacause we get to learn about different things other then subjects. I was really working as a team to get threw tech. The teachers at tech were really helpful and kind. I can't wait for next year. 

Fire Fighter - DLO

Fire safety is important to our community. Our topic for inquiry is the community so to help us we went to the fire station in Panmure. This helped us to understand what the fire station does to help our community.


Today was athletics day it was really amazing. We had 7 activity's and my favorite activity was the sponge race because it was just like having a water fight. But the other activity's were fun as well. When we came back from tech there were some Tamaki college to help us run this day. They were helpful and caring. 

Summer Learning Journey

For assemble our special guest was Hazel and Rachel from the Learning Journey program. They came to talk about the Summer Learning Journey. I can't wait for the Summer Learning Journey to start because the theme is Time Travel I don't know a lot about the past so I am excited to learn about the past. 

Tech At Tamaki College

On the 1st of December it was our last rotation for tech. To make the last day fun my class was split into three groups. The first group was social studies then PE the last was robotics. I was in PE our teacher was Mr Moyes. We played a lot of amazing games we played bench ball, Samoan softball and Infinite tag. For all of these games we spited up into two groups so we could work well as a team. Both teams worked really well and collaborated well together. It was really fun because everyone participated.