Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Chinese New Year - Explanation

How is Chinese New Year Celebrated?

Chinese New Year is celebrated in many and different ways but some people don’t celebrate Chinese New year at all. They celebrate Chinese New Year to symbolize an old legend centuries ago. There is a lot of traditions that are important to the Chinese culture. Do you celebrate Chinese New Year?

One of the traditions is the traditional Chinese New Year food. Food is very important when celebrating Chinese New Year. Every Chinese New Year they eat Noodles,Dumplings,Fish,Spring Rolls,Niangao (Rice Cake), and Shrimp. Shrimps symbolizes happiness because the mandarin word for shrimp means happiness. Noodles shouldn't be cut because they help us grow and live a long life.

They also celebrate by having big parades and festivals that are open to anyone. In the parades they play their drums loudly but they also represent the 12 animals. The 12 animals show what your personality is. Chinese New Year goes for 15 days. It starts when there's a new moon and ends when the moon is full. On the last day they celebrate by having a big lantern festival. Like the parade it is open to anyone who would like to take part.

Another tradition that people do is they decorate their houses. One of the decorations they use is the New Year Couplets. New Year Couplets is always pasted on doors. The Couplets shows best wishes for the next year. Many couplets is about the spring arrival. During Chinese New Year it is bad to see lanterns hung of trees because it can drive off bad luck. They also use paper cuttings to represent Luck and Happiness.  

People celebrate Chinese New Year in other multiple ways . The Chinese traditions have a big impact on family. The Legend is why the Chinese New Year became. It is very popular to the culture. There is a number of people who celebrate Chinese New Year just like us.

Chinese New Year has started so we all decided to learn about this special event. With this task we were working together collaboratively to finish this task. I was working with Mele after we had finish writing our explanation we got into a group of four to check each others explanation. Mele and I joined Brooklyn and Nyjah. By doing this we can learn from each other but also make sure our explanation is perfect.

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