Friday, 17 November 2017

Oral Hygiene

 This presentation is for inquiry because our topic is all about the community. To help the community Nazella and I are showing our community why it is important to brush your teeth. I hope this would really help you and the community to take care of your teeth.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Food Tech

Today the year 7's were in food tech we made chicken goujons. By making this we either had to get into a group of two or three. In my group was Shakaia and Sky. We were working in a team and collaborating with each other to get this done. This was challenging because we were remembering what ingredients we needed.

Film Festival 2017

This years Manaikalani Film Festival was special because it was the 10th year anniversary since this program has started. The films were so interesting because the schools did'nt just show their learning they should it in different ways. The films were also really fun to watch. The one I especially liked was the Tamaki Primary because they were talking about people who don't have houses. It really should me to care for others. I loved our film as well it was different to the other schools film. When we came back to school my class commented on other schools films it was really exciting to watch schools films that I haven't watched.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Fireworks Safety

In LS2 we invited LS1 to learn about the safety in fireworks. We learnt the story of Guy Fawkes as well and how fireworks became. Then we got into a group of four two students from LS1 and the other from LS2. We were asking each other questions about how the people felt in the story. We split up in 

Learn, Create and Share - Scorpion

I did this to show my thinking I first learnt about adaption and animals. Then I created my sketch note after that I created my presentation. Now I am sharing my learning with you. This was fun because I got to learn more about scorpions and learn a new word called adaptation. I also learnt the process of learn, create and share. 

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Explanation - How Children Learn at School

How children learn at school
What did you learn when you were a child? Did you learn by talking? Many kids learn by asking friends questions to learn more. A lot of people when they were a child liked to tell their ideas to express themselves by doing what they love.

Kids also follow people they look up to. Were you one of them? Children are good observers they like what other people  like to do. They learn more in partners because they are learning what they might not know. There are people in our community who help kids learn as well. They really look up to their community.

Kids love to play and have fun with friends. They love to explore by trying new things. When kids explore they love to climb and swing and adventure to see how high they can get. Exploring can really help a child to learn more.

Kids disagree to agree to have an opinion. People always have decisions on what to pick for what they might want to do in the future. Children can always be picky with what they want. They will always be with someone and do what they do but they just want someone to be their role model.

We learnt a lot this makes us to really be smart for college and university. Kids will always look up to someone or follow who they would want to be. Going to school is a really big deal and having an educational life as well.

Today I went into to partners with Zane to plan and write an explanation. We have done steps 1 to 10 to finish this explanation we worked together to finish this. It took time but we manage to get this done. Other groups checked our work which made our explanation better.