Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Today I went on a website called Transum.I played a maths game called table conga.This helps me to remember my skip counting.I do know my five times but I play this game to just remember me my times.

Blog Commenting

Today in LS1 I did blog commenting on a students blog.I love blog commenting on students blog because I get to know what they are learning.

Report Frame/Panmure bridge school

Today in LS1 I had to write an information report about my school Panmure bridge school.This was very fun because I got to write about our school.Today I had learnt how to plan a Report frame.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Blast from the past/Inference Sheet

LI: to identify features of an information report
LI: to infer information in a text

Today in LS1 I had to read a book called Blast from a past and write down what I thought the page was about.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Measuring/Accuracy LS1

Today in LS1 I had to Measure how far the students would throw a bean bag in a bucket.I was learning how to measure long destines.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Accuracy throwing/LS1

Today in LS1 I did my maths.For my maths I had to test students on how accurate their throwing are.I had to get three bean bags,one bucket and one ruler.If they would miss I would have to measure how far did they get from the bucket.I had to test me as well.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Studdy ladder

Today in LS1 I did my writing for my writing I had to spell the words that shows at the back of the carters.


Today in LS1 I went on Prototec I have practices my basic maths so I could learn more and more.I really loved this maths website because I get to see what I need to work on.


Today in LS1 I was on a website called Transum I love this website because I get to have fun  but also learn a lot.

Blog commenting

Today in LS1 I have blog commented on a student from my school panmure bridge school.I Love Blog commenting because I get to know what they are learning and if we are learning the same topic.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Amelia Earhart

Today in LS1 I did my Inquiry for my inquiry I had to find facts about Ameila Earhart.I found out a lot of Information about Amelia Earhart I had a lot fun doing this task because I learned facts about Amelia Earhart that I didn't know.

Summary frame-Blast from the past

Today in LS1 I have done a summary frame on a story called Blast from the past.I had to write down on this document on what was the main idea of the story.This was easy because I could just go back to the story and read it again to get some examples and I had a partner that could do the work with me.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Prototec-Basic Maths

Today in LS1 I did my maths for my maths I went on prototec I was just practising my basic facts.So I could get faster and smarter at my basic facts.


Today I did my maths.For my maths I practices my basic facts this was easy because I remembered my basic facts.


Today for Reading I read a book called Manutukutuku. I had to answer the 5 ws and the h for my must do. Then I had to make a poster answering my questions and finding the answers from the text.


This week for Inquiry, Mr Ogilvie's group did a Rocket experiment. For this experiment we used a fishing line pinned from on side of the room to the other. Then we used sticky tape for the balloon. We used a clip to hold the balloon then we let it go to see where it would go on the line. It was fun to experiment on different balloons.

Blog Commenting

Today in LS1 I did my blog commenting.I blog commented on a student blog in Panmure bridge school.


Today for LS1 I had to work on paper.I had to measure curved lines this was hard to do because I had to measure with a string but it got easy because i had some partners to help me hold the string.I now know how to measure curved lines.


Today in LS1 had to write an explanation for how does an air plane fly.I also had to write down what the four forces,Drag,Weight,Lift and also Thrust.This was easy for me because I learned the four forces before with my teacher.

Thursday, 10 November 2016


Today I played A game called Conga on a website called Transum. This Helped me remember My times tables so I could answer time table questions fast.


Today I Practice my time's table by going on Transum and Playing a game.I like playing this game because Get to check what I need to improve on.


Today for maths I did measuring.For this task I had to measure lines on a paper that my teacher gave to me.This was hard because sometimes I forget to start from the 0 mark because I am used to starting at the edge.

Contrast- Explanation vs Information

Today I did my writing.For my writing I had to read two books I had to check what story was Explaining.I had to Compare and Contrast the two story's together.This was easy for me because I could go back to the pages and read it again.

Rockets Science

Today in LS1 I did my inquiry.For my inquiry I had to get in a group of three I also had create a Rocket that could go in to space and could come back down to earth.This was on a game we had to use our knowledge to play this game.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Blog Commenting

Today for my homework I did my Blog commenting.I Blog commented on this years film festivals from other schools.This was fun because I got to see other schools short films that I didn't see when I went to the movies.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

How do air planes fly-Explaining

  1. Gravity
  2. The airplane slows down
  3. Airplanes can create lift without any thrust.
  4. Being made from a lightweight material.
  5. Four different forces called thrust,drag,weight and lift.All prevent airplanes from being able to fly.
  6. To give examples of how different planes fly.
  7. As a result
  8. Engines

     Today in LS1 I did my reading.For reading I had to read how do air planes fly?Because I had to answer questions about this story I answer these question to check if I under stand the Explaining of the story.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Character Trait-Flying Free

Today I did my reading I had to Read a story called Flying Free I had to do a Character Trait of the main character which was Annie. also had to Write question for my reading group to answer.

Where was Annie when she saw the flying kites?
What colours was the kites that Annie made?

If you were Making a kite would you get some help or make it by your self?

If you were good at making kites would you keep making them or Stop making kites? 

QAR-Flying free

Today I did my Reading.I had to Read A book called Flying Free then I made a slide called QAR and I typed down before,during and after questions.This was easy and hard because I did'nt know what questions to type down but I could read the book then type my questions down which made it easier for me.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Story editing.

The Rock
One summer morning at onetree hill on the path there was A rock that was different from the other rocks.Although the only difference is that the rock was blue,flat and it was really smooth.One day later a young girl walked pass the rock but the rock was soo flat that she thought it was a blue flat paper.

But as she was walking another young girl walked pass and saw the rock the rocks.Suddenly turned Orange,huge and rough But The young girl was too busy talking to her friend.Then the rock had changed to a normal,grey and ruff.

After that day the rock kept growing growing then it covered the whole block.Then the whole block had to help each other and they tried to carry the rock.But the rock was too heavy so whenever a person would drive by they would
stop and help the block then they would ring others to come.In about 30min the block was full with people and with all of there stregth they lift the rock and put the rock right at the beach it was history to others.


And then out of nowhere the Rock Started to fly but to be honest if a rock flew the best thing that could happen is that it could fly then just flew down and hit someone you hate.And if they were your friends ,if it hit me I would either die or still be alive.But I could and my friends might be alive.These are the best things that I think could happen if a rock could fly.

Today in LS1 I did my writing.For my writing I had to edit my story that I wrote this term.I had to make sure I had a problem a salutation etc.