Thursday, 9 August 2018

Kiwi Can

In Kiwi Can our topic was resilience. Our theme was goal setting. We learnt that little goals will help achieve bigger goals and that we have goals to challenge our selves. We first played a game called snatch. There was a rope in a circle and we all around the rope Mr Mat put cones in the middle and once he said go we had to grab a cone from in the middle. Who ever doesn't have a cone has to sit down. Our goal was to follow the rules.

Blog Commenting

Today I have blog commented on a students blog from Paparoa Range School her name was Jessica G. She has blogged about her holidays. I found her holidays really interesting. My class is blogging with Paparoa Range School so we can stay active with other students. 

Friday, 3 August 2018

Cook Island Language Week


This was another task that we focused on since it is Cook Island language week. My class got into groups and finished this task. In my group is Jericho, Dallas, Josh and Chris we all worked collaboratively to research this information and to find some photos. We all have learnt a lot about the Cook Islands. Our class has done this task to show our respect as there is a lot of mixed cultures in Auckland and New Zealand and one of those cultures is Cook Island.

Cook Island week-Phrases

To show our respect for Cook Islands week our class has learnt how to say some phrases in Cook Island. We all got into pairs and had a small convocation my partner was Hajera. After practicing for about five times we were confident enough to record ourselves. Click here to the website where we learnt how to speck Cook Island. Click here to our recording.

Food Tech - Butter Chicken

Today at food tech we made Butter Chicken. We first put on our aprons and washed our hands. Then we made sure we had got all our equipment that we needed. After that we read our instructions and followed them. At the end our Butter Chicken was perfect. 

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Karoro School - Blogging

Today I have commented on two students blogs from Karoro School which was Zoe and Max. My class has been commenting on other students blogs because we can learn from others but we can also stay active on our devices.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Definition (Sleep)

My reading group has split up into four groups. Our groups are named R E A D. I am in group A in my group are Viva, Joushua W, Tai, Alex and San Kyaw. We all decided on two tasks that we would need help on and added it into the time sheet. Our task was to define these words but we were not that good at defining words so we added into the time sheet. Once Mrs Anderson was finish with her first group it was our turn to have a guided session with Mrs Anderson. We all worked collaboratively to create a interactive presentation so others can learn from this presentation.