Friday, 6 July 2018

Pro's and Con's - Buying a Lighthouse

Today my group was finding out the pro's and the con's about having a lighthouse. Jericho, Josh, Dallas and I have made this DLO showing that information. Each lighthouse group has also made a DLO. In my group we have found out that we came up with more pro's then con's.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Matariki Celebration

My school has also celebrated together for Matariki. We had a lot of awesome and talented performers. We had the Pacifica, Kapa Haka, Junior Kapa Haka, The Drummers and The Ukulele group. I was really impressed because some of these group only practiced for one day or even today. Everyone was trying their best to make sure they were showing pride for their culture. After we saw these amazing performances our whole school was lucky enough to all get free sausage sizzles. This was all run by Mrs Fire Odie our Te Reo teacher.



Today is a really special day because it is Matariki which is Maori New Years. To do this task my class decided to work with LS1. I was working collaboratively with Charlize, Avalon and Hinemoa. We had all contributed to finish off this task. We learnt a lot from watching video's about Matariki and sharing ideas with each other.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Cape Reinga

This week we created a DLO about the Cape Reinga lighthouse. We used our smart searching skills to find out about the Cape Reinga light house. We went into different sites to help us find information. We learnt that the Cape Reinga light house on the tip of New Zealand. I learnt a lot from this activity.

Food Tech

Today my class went down to Tamaki College for Tech. This is my first session for Food Tech. We have made pancakes. My partner was Sky. We both worked great together because we finished off this task with no mistakes. We were both proud because we also measured the ingredients properly. Our next focus is to make sure we are paying attention to the teacher.

Food Tech- Rock Cake

At Food Tech we were making Rock cakes. In my group were Lyric, Junior and I. We worked collaboratively to finish off this task. We first got all the equipment that we needed out. Then Junior went to measure the ingredients and Lyric and I were heating up the oven and were making sure Junior was measuring the ingredients correctly. As we were waiting we cleaned up our table and washed the dishes.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018


Image result for M&M's

This week and last week our whole class was learning about M&M's. This was a maths activity. Our normal teachers were gone on a learning trip so our teacher was Mr Johnston (Our Principle) . Even though this is a maths activity we got to learn about the history behind the M&M's and lot's of interesting facts. My class was put into groups to do this task. In my group is Jericho, Chirs, Josh, Dallas and I. We all had a even amount of work set up for ourselves. We worked collaboratively to finish off this task. After we had finish this task we were to present it to our class. But before this we had practiced what to say as we were presenting each slide. Once we had practiced at least two times we were ready to present. After we presented our presentation we got feedback and feedforward from our teachers. This really helped us to boost our confidants level and to show our class how much hard work we've put into this presentation. We all had fun creating the pictures to go with the facts we had on each slide. I also had fun learning about this topic.