Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Richard Pearse

Today my class wanted to find a Kiwi inventor and research about this person. In my group were Brooklyn, Joshua V, Avalon and Angela. As a group we chose to research about Richard Pearse. After finding information about Richard we created a comic strip on his career. Richard was a New Zealand farmer. It took him one year to complete this task.    

Monday, 10 December 2018

Wash Day Victorians - What is Steampunk?

Learning about the Victorians was intriguing. I got to find out how the poor and rich was treated. For this task we each got into partners. Mele and I were partners. We decided to make a slideshow about the Wash day in the Victorian times. Both Mele and I collaborated and finished with a lot of knowledge about the Wash day.  Last week my class was learning about the history of steampunk. We found some images and created our own drawing after finishing the drawing we created a digital design on our Chromebooks. I combined different ideas from different images. We also learnt about the Victorians. This was really interesting because I didn't know what was steampunk and what was the Victorians.

Monday, 26 November 2018


Today was Athletics day. Students from Tamaki College helped make the activity's easy to understand. Each student was put into their own color group there was yellow, green, blue and red. I was in red in group A. Green came first for group A my group came second. For group B yellow came first. Even though red didn't come first we used our collaborative skills to work as a team and win three activity's out of the all seven. At the end we did our sprints. I helped out by showing the young students which lane they would go to. Athletics was a really fun way for students to use team work skills and sportsmanship to create new relationships. I would like to thank Mr Ogilve for making everything happen.   

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

ReadTheory Report

Today my class created a graph that shows their grades over the year. I found this interesting because I could see how I have been progressing over the year. At the start of the year to my current grade I have really improved. In February I was on grade four then in July I was on grade six. My currant grade is seven. 

Friday, 16 November 2018


As it is book week my class has learnt about a book about Meerkats the author for this book is Emily Gravett. After reading about this we created a DLO that shows some facts about Meerkats.

Wolves - Myths and Facts

My class has done a fun activity as it is book week. Our teacher Mrs Anderson read us a book called "Wolves" the author for this book is Emily Gravett. Mrs Anderson has read my class three books of Emily Gravett and I really like how Emily has illustrated her book and the vocabulary that she has used.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Book Bar Graph - What Makes a Book Boring

This week is book week so my class decided to do a fun activity. For this activity we got into groups of three. In my group were Brooklyn, Joshua V and I. In our class there were two papers on each table that had questions about books. Each group got moved to one table we had two minutes to answer the question after the two minutes we rotated around to another question. After answering all the questions we each chose a question that we would make a bar graph. I chose, What Makes a Book Boring? I chose this question because it had some interesting answers. When I had finish gathering the answers I created a bar graph. I found out that most students mostly focus on the pictures and the vocabulary because this will hook them into reading the book.