Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Winter learning journey / Day 4 activity 1

In this activity I went to the South Islands I went to a place called Farewell Spit. This has been on the news because there are whales accidatly swimming into the spit and then getting stuck on the beach. They could not swim back because it was way to shallow. People have been trying hard to save them but most of the people died. I had to make a list os things that the people did to try to save the whale.

  • All of the people put cloths and towels on them.
  • They grab their chilly bins, water bottles,
    cooking pots and mixing bowls to fill with water to keep the whales
    wet to survive.
  • Pour buckets of water on them to keep them filled in water.


  1. Hi Savelina
    I feel sorry for those poor whales who were stranded and died on that beach. You did well to describe what the local people did. Keep up the fabulous work.

  2. Hello Savelina,
    You explained clear and simple on describing what these local people did to save the poor whales. I would try to do all I can, to help those whales. Keep up the amazing work.

  3. Hi Savelina. It's sad to hear and see these poor Whales dying. Hopefully what locals are doing is enough to save them. Keep up the amazing work.

  4. Kia Ora Savelina,

    Yes, I can imagine they people grabbed whatever they could to fill and transfer water from the ocean to the stranded whales to keep them wet. It would have been hard and tiring I think. It would also be rewarding to see some get back to the water though!

    Do you think you would help out?

    Nicky :)

  5. Hello Savelina, it is really great to see that people are trying their best to save the poor whales and put them back in the ocean where they belong. I can't wait to see some more activities.