Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Narrative writing

Once upon a time there was a young teenager called Crystal.Crystal was a very lovable girl she loved spending time with her family.But she hated being alone and she hated paranormal activity.In her family there is a mother called Cal,a brother Creed and a father clad. They lived in Africa. But then they decided to live in England because England was a very nice beautiful place.                                                               

They moved to a house that they thought was brand new.But really the house was built in 1728.The house was haunted by a 87 year old lady who was called Rose who died from a heart attack.Everyone knew that the house owas haunted but Christle and her family did not know that.The first night they slept over was really creepy doors started to close by it self and object moving by itself noises coming from nowhere.nowhere. Christle and her family was really creeped out.But one night Cristales brother creed and mother cal and father clad went to work and her brother had to study at the library.So Christle was all by her self but her mother,father and her brother was driving home but there was a huge storm and they coude’nt make it.But they could make it to cals friends home they contacted Christle told her what happens. At.At frist Christle felt terrifad staying all by  salf when she tucked her salf in to bed she heard some weard noiz.So she tiptod to the living room there was nothing she saw a shdow she went closer and closer.But then the shadow was about to touch her then Christle started to ran as she was running for her life she cride HELP HELP!!!! SOMEONE HELP!!!!! As soon                                                                         as the nibor heard her they called the police when the police arrived the shadow diapered.But then they were too late they found Christle laying on the floor died she died from heart attack and fear.When Christle family found out they got heart broken.Christle family has moved back to Africa.

they were so scared that they have never ever been back to england in there life.

Telling a lie Narrative writing

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Rose. She was very lonely and had no friends. The one thing she wanted the most was to have friends. She had an older brother called Lake. He loved sport and love to take care of people who really needed help. The one thing that he hated the most were lies.

One lovely but windy Monday Rose and her brother went to school. Rose saw everyone playing and having fun. She was so lonely that no one could even say even one single word to her. She was so envious  of seeing everyone have fun but her. Rose got to a point when she just wanted to move to another country. One day she wanted to go to America but her mother said to her “try and make friends in your own country first”. The second day she went to school and went up to a girl. As soon as she went up to her she got stressed out because the girls started to talk to about how fun it  was to have a friend right next to them. They emphasized all the good times they had together. Rose had never had that feeling in her life. She got really annoyed. Then that’s when she got to the point when she just wanted to get out of school.  She was desperate to make friends and she would tell others how she had lots of friends and how her family were rich. One day she was so popular that she threw a party and the whole school wanted to go to her party. When the party started Lake was there. He heard everyone saying all the lies that Rose told everyone, but lake knew that something was wrong because it was the first time that Rose had thrown a party. Everyone wanted to come. Lake was really really annoyed because everyone could not stop talking about how cool was Rose. Lake started to crumble down then suddenly Lake told everyone the truth.

Everyone was really surprised, then everyone was against Rose when the truth came out. Everyone was about to go home. Lake told them to all stop and wait. Lake gave the reasons why Rose was telling lies. He said that she was lonely and no one wanted to play with her. Then everyone stopped for a moment and started to feel sorry for Rose. Everyone apologized to Rose. Everything went back to normal   Rose had lots of new friends. Then they lived happily ever after.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Andy Warhol Reashersh

Today in LS1 we researched about Andy Warhol. Before we did our pop art we wanted to know more about Andy Warhol. My partner and I found a lot of interesting facts about him. We hope that doing pop art will be fun.

Friday, 11 March 2016

KWL Flight less birds

In LS1 I had to get into a group and then My two Teachers had to pick a book for my group so we could do a KWL Chart.I learnt so much about Flight less birds and I had fun well doing this KWL.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Addle Trunsum

In LS1 We went on a web site called Transum. I played the game called Addle. It was hard but I got the right answers. I had lots of fun playing this game.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Freeman and Savelina Science Planning House milk

In LS1 we did a experiment on milk I Learnt lots of fascinating things.I really love since I hope I could be a scientific Women one day.

Friday, 4 March 2016

My blog comments

Today I learnt how to comment on other students blogs. I went on Matthew, Angela and Ana's blogs to blog comment. They had great blog posts and I enjoyed them. Hopefully they will be making more posts in the future. 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

My narrative

Today in LS1 I learnt how to learn a narrative we first learnt how to do a orientation then problem then the solution.I  learnt so much that I could like to write my own story one day.

Science planning House

In LS1 we slitted into two groups and one group had to learn about science and other group had to do art.I was picked to learn about science.In science we learnt about chemistry.After we learnt all about chemistry we did a experiment our experiment was to turn milk into plastic.I thought that this experiment was very interesting.