Thursday, 28 September 2017

Elections Kahoot

Today my class was learning about elections. I created a Kahoot with Zahra and Sky the questions we asked was not only about the elections it was also about Helen Clark. We learnt a lot by asking these questions and more about how to become a Prime Minister.

Production 2017

Last night my school Panmure Bridge had a production because we were celebrating the 60th year since this school has been open which is a very long time. To celebrate each class room had a dance that was from the past to this year. We also had our Pacifica group and Kapa Haka preform.  It was really fun but hard at the same time because we had to run up and down to change customs but we all managed to get on stage at the right time.

Kiwi Can

Today is the last session of Kiwi Can. We played a lot of games my favourite game was playing ten toes down. First we were split into two groups the other group had bibs and we didn't. Then the other group will start with the ball and would touch the ball to the ground then pass the ball which ever team touches the ball on the ground ten times wins.

Helen Clark - Prime Minister

Today I was learning about the past Prime Ministers we picked one Prime Minister from the past and that was Helen Clark. I created this in a group and in my group I had Nazella, Brooklyn and Shakaia they really helped me to complete this task. I learnt a lot about Helen Clark and what it takes to be a Prime Minister.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Food Advertising

In class we were learning about advertising. I have learnt a lot about how the author gets the audience to buy their product. 

Princess Bride-Character Introduction

In class we watched a movie called Princess Bride. We did a lot of activities and my favourite one was doing the character introduction. By doing this activity I got to recorded information about the characters on a document. I also learnt about the characters and how to recognise who is the antagonist and the protagonist in other movies.

Monday, 25 September 2017


Today we were finding out all about the coalition and how it works. For this years election NZ First has got a choice of joining Labour or National to increase the amount of seats in Parliament . I learnt all about this years election and about our local MVP which is Denise Lee.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Democracy Flow Chart

In my group we created a democracy flow chart about the elections this Saturday. This shows how these leaders become our Prime Minister.

Two Word Sentence

For writing I had to chose a two word sentence I chose we did. Then I had to make a compound,complex and a simple sentence using the two word sentence. I had to then chose one and I chose the compound sentence and I also illustrated it. 

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Political Party's

For this week my class is learning all about the elections and Prime Ministers in New Zealand because this Saturday is elections. This task was a collaborative task so I did this with four of my friends. We named all the leaders for the main party's.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Ebook Day

Today is a special day because it is Ebook day. For Ebook day my class went on to Tamaki overdrive to read a book. Ebook is a day to read a book online which I think is amazing. I do this most of the time to progress my reading skills. I love Ebook day it is just like telling the world to read online books to build your education levels.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Say It Tika

Say it tika is a website that shows all the Maori places in New Zealand that people say differently than it should sound like. This website would help google map say these places correctly. My class got to drop a pin on one of the places I picked Taupo because I used to say this word differently to so I thought that I'll pick Taupo.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Tamaki Overdrive

My class used the Tamaki overdrive  website. I love this website because it really help's my reading. I can chose any subject to read about for example I found this book by clicking the mystery and suspense. I also like this website because I have got a lot of books to read from on my Chromebook. Also I can find what I want to read about and I don't have to take a long time looking for my book I can just search it up.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tongan Language Week

For Tonagn language week my class had a task. That task was to get into a group or partners and one person has to be a Tongan expert and I was the Tongan expert and my partner was Harlem H. We got to pick one topic to teach you a new skill in Tongan. So we both decided to teach you a recipe from Tonga witch was raw fish.

Kiwi Can: Taking Risks

For Kiwi can our teachers are Miss Latoia and Mr Malu they really help my class to understand different challenges in life. Today our topic was taking risk and our energiser game was called bip bop bounce this game helped me and my class to control our body's. First Mr Malu points at someone and says bip bop bounce and who ever he is pointing to that person has to say bang just before he says bounce. It gets harder because Miss Latoia comes and they both say bip bop bounce but not to the same person. Then we had a game of hand soccer this game is really simple it's just like soccer but we use our hands to hit the ball into our goal. We all had to use my teams support to overcome the challenge. The challenging thing was that we had to pass to all of our team mates before getting the ball in the goal. But it helped me to make sure that I use a lot of team work and we had to make sure that everyone takes part.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Key into Inference-Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle

For reading I was finishing my key into inference I was up to the activity for text 6 which is the Monarch butterfly life cycle. I used information from the text to finish this activity. It really helped me to make sure that my writing was correct.


In my class we all have a account on ReadTheory because it really helps us to improve on our reading skills and grow our knowledge. But it also helps us to compare text, learn different text types and to upgrade our vocabulary skills.

Friday, 1 September 2017


At tech my class had a new rotation and I went to cooking tech my teacher was Mrs Heka. For our first class we made a Oreo  milkshake. This was really fun because we got to mix ingredients around and work as a team to make the milkshake. In my group my partners were Shakaia and Sky they really helped me to get this progress done. When we had finish Mrs Heka added chocolate syrup and whipped cream which made the Oreo milkshake even better. As we were done we put our milkshakes on top of our serving desk. Then we started cleaning up our kitchen desk and washing our dishes as we were done we got to go and sit down and finish our milkshakes it was delicious.