Monday, 7 August 2017

Dad meets the martians Poem

Retell the story of the poem in two sentences.

The Martians flew in last night they took Dad for a spin in the flying saucer around the world.

What could the storyteller not explain?
Why the Martians liked the Ford because he thought they would be bored.
List three of the interesting verbs from the poem.
The three verbs are drive, addressed, flew.
List three of the contractions from the poem and then write them out in full.
He’ll - He will
It's - it is
I’d - I would
    For this task I read this poem I had to read it really carefully so when I answer the questions I could get them correct. I used words from the questions and words from the poem to answer which really helped me to understand the story more. I found it challenging to list three of the contractions from the poem.

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  1. Well done. I like that you have remembered t use words from the question in your answer!