Tuesday, 26 June 2018


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This week and last week our whole class was learning about M&M's. This was a maths activity. Our normal teachers were gone on a learning trip so our teacher was Mr Johnston (Our Principle) . Even though this is a maths activity we got to learn about the history behind the M&M's and lot's of interesting facts. My class was put into groups to do this task. In my group is Jericho, Chirs, Josh, Dallas and I. We all had a even amount of work set up for ourselves. We worked collaboratively to finish off this task. After we had finish this task we were to present it to our class. But before this we had practiced what to say as we were presenting each slide. Once we had practiced at least two times we were ready to present. After we presented our presentation we got feedback and feedforward from our teachers. This really helped us to boost our confidants level and to show our class how much hard work we've put into this presentation. We all had fun creating the pictures to go with the facts we had on each slide. I also had fun learning about this topic.

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