Friday, 8 June 2018

Food Tech

This morning LS2 went to Tech at Tamaki College. As you may already know we go to food tech and today we made chocolate chips muffins. My partner was Sky we worked collaboratively together to finish off this fun and challenging task. Our focus for this week was to listen to the instructions and to make sure we got the right measuring of ingredients to make these delightful chocolate muffins.


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  2. Afternoon Savelina, I am a teacher in Papakura. your baking looks very appetizing. Thank you for sharing your blog. I can see you have learnt a lot about blogging over the last 4 years. I thought it was interesting you created more posts as a year 6 compared to last year. I wonder if you will have more again this year.

  3. Kia Ora Savelina,
    Those Muffins look delicious! At our school right now we are doing cooking and baking. Keep up the good work.

    Blog ya later