Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The Tunnel - 5,7,10 Writing

The Tunnel

The emerald looking trees were so tall I couldn't see where the leaves were falling from. I could hear the birds tweeting as if they were singing to me. They sound so close yet I still felt like they were so far. The circles of branches showed the right track but I felt like I was going the wrong way. The leaves kept falling like rain, it was surrounding me everywhere I went. It was almost like the forest was going crazy; like the forest was going to flood with leaves. While I was walking further into the tunnel the hard dirt turned into squishy wet mud. I saw a glimmer of a bright light, so bright it just looked like a white spot. It was right at the end of the tunnel it made the tunnel look like something out of a movie, book, or even a dream. Walking closer and closer the trees were closing in as if it was a trap. All of a sudden I heard the birds chirping and everything quickly came back to life. “Will I ever survive?” I said whispering to myself.

Today for Writing our task was to do 5,7,10 writing using this picture. In this piece of writing we are now learning how to write a setting description I could use the skills that I learnt to make this writing better.

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