Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Character Description - Alice is a Wonder

                    Alice is a Wonder

Alice is a little girl, she is the smartest six year old i’ve ever met. Even though Alice is very good at all subjects well who am I kidding she’s better than me. In addition her most favorite subject is reading. She is always surrounded by books and her room is filled with books. She would stay up until midnight reading books. She dresses up with light and bright clothes. Alice always wonders what's her future is going to bring her. It’s her dream to become a prime minister. Alice has no friends, yet she thinks the best way to become prime minister is to only focus on herself. She is not like other young girls. As other young girls they would love to play outside and play princesses but Alice is nothing like that. Every teacher that teaches Alice thinks she's a robot that’s how smart she is. She would stay up until midnight reading books.

For today's writing task my group are writing a Character Description. By writing this Character Description it will help me to get used to writing simple,compound and complex sentences in any of my writing. With this task we are doing 5,7,10 writing. Someone in our group was to time 5 minutes of my group writing as fast as possible. As that 5 minutes has finish that person times 7 minutes of us talking to a partner about our writing. Last the 10 minutes in the 10 minutes we can finish off our writing and DRAFT our work.

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