Monday, 11 December 2017

Speeches-Head Girl 2018

Hello my name is Savelina I am striving to be head girl for 2018. To become head girl I need your vote.  I chose to be head girl because I try my best. But that’s not all, I encourage,motivate and respect younger students and seniors as well. To help me I’m always confident to talk to anyone. Every day I always put great effort to become a great example to our little students. Plus I’m trying to inspire young students to become a great leader in the future. 2018 is going to be a new and improved year with great leaders and I know that for a fact. If I become head girl I guarantee that you will never regret it. Yes I understand that things will never be one hundred percent but I promise you I will do my best. When I thought about being a leader I doubted myself . Yet as the time went past I learnt that no one is perfect even me and here I am. I will always try, try and try to learn more and more. The qualities I have for a head girl is a lot but one quality I have is that I’m really responsible. I will always make Panmure Bridge School a wonderful school by showing the pleasure of being here. I know that there are others that are going for head girl but I know that I will try harder to make this school a better, happier place. Whether or not I’ll become head girl at the end of the day I know I have tried my best. This is why you should vote me, Savelina, as head girl for 2018. Thank you.

I have put myself forward to be head girl for 2018. It was challenging but I wanted to achieve one of my biggest goals and being a head girl was one of them. I wrote my own speech and I nominated myself so I put all of my thinking into my speech. I hope that I will get this role because I know I would try to make this school a better place .

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