Friday, 14 July 2017

Winter learning journey / Day 7 activity 2

This activity was fun for me because I got to take a picture of myself doing something relaxing I do. Here is a picture of myself reading a book. I love reading books it just calms me down. This book that I am reading is called Tom Gates Dog Zombies rule.


  1. Hi Savelina. I also find reading relaxing. Another thing I like to do to make myself feel relaxed is to watch youtube. Keep up the superb work.

  2. Hi Savelina,
    I also love Tom Gates books. I like how you have shared why you like reading. A great way to spend the winter holidays. Keep up the awesome job!

  3. Hello Savelina, I also find reading relaxing. The Tom Gates books are one of my favourite book series. What is your favourite types of books to read. Keep on working hard.

  4. Hi Savelina,

    It's great to see you reading over the holidays. Did you enjoy the 'Dog Zombies Rule?' It sounds pretty interesting...

    Keep up the great blogging this term!

    Rachel :)